Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rough Day

Ok so today started fairly well. We were all up and dressed before 9AM. Things started to fall apart very quickly. For one thing, due to a late night last night, Jennifer, my 4- year - old, and Jonny, my 2 - year - old, have been cranky all day. There was a light saber battle with the vacuum cleaner extension tube; Jen got the worst of that one with a clunk on the side of the head. They are not sharing or compromising on anything; so there has been a lot of screeching and crying all day. Josie, my 2 - month - old, had her second bottle at 10AM; she returned it to me at 10:30AM, all over me and all over her. She got a bath; I got clean clothes. Then I wanted her and Jonny to take a nap. JonJon went to his bed with no trouble, but it took a good hour to get Josie settled and asleep. After Jon woke up, I went outside to clean up a little in the camper. Jen and Jon followed me out there. I came back inside to get something, and before I could get back out there, they had found a blue highlighter and wrote all over each other! I mean faces, arms, legs, hands and clothes were all colored blue. Ridiculous. Both got scrubbed and put in the corner. They will need a complete bath tonight in between thunderstorms. (The camper was not damaged.) Finally, Jonny dumped a half a glass of Dr. Pepper on the white carpet in the family room. Joey left the cup within reach and Jonny got ahold of it. Joey got to help clean that up. (The white carpet was here when we moved in; I did not choose it.)

I wonder why I don't feel like cooking tonight? I wonder why I have a headache? I'm going to post this quickly now because the thunder is rumbling again...


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